League of Legends MMO Confirmed

An announcement was issued to gamers worldwide about an upcoming MMO from Riot Games. These are the developers behind “League of Legends”, which sustains millions of players worldwide & birthed popularity behind eSports. Learning that Riot Games have begun development on an MMO edition for League of Legends has thrilled the community, with thousands of fans mentioning their excitement on social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook.

The announcement was made official via social media, with “Riot Games Vice President of International Properties” issuing tweets that confirmed his obligative duties have altered at RGS. VP Greg Street emphasis that an MMO Open World title has started development. Fanatics questioned Greg Street on this project focusing on League of Legends. That supporter received a reply from Riot Games VP, confirming that the MMO will focus on their primary international property.

Analysts overviewing the gaming industry aren’t shocked by Riot Games announcement, as this development studio has worked towards expanding League of Legends to other games & retail products. Unique card games were introduced years ago, which have thrived into entire tournaments worth tens of thousands in prizes. Mobile iterations of the “League of Legends Card Game” were released this year, with additional spinoffs planned for 2021.

The Expansion

Riot Games have announced a multitude of partnerships to release new products around League of Legends, which enables the games universe to expand. Two board games were confirmed earlier this year for 2021, with a single-player campaign title named “League of Legends: Wild Rift” also coming by the fourth quarter of next year.

Riot Games is also introducing animated series alongside Netflix & producing comic books around League of Legends with Marvel. Learning additionally than an MMO is arriving before 2025 guarantees that expansion efforts will become successful. Massive-Multiplayer Open-World RPGs around League of Legends have been requested by fanatics for ten years. Considering that VP Greg Street holds tier to World of Warcraft, the League of Legends MMO will share notable similarities.

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