LEGO DC Super-Villains Review

After several weeks of speculation, leaks, and rumors, LEGO DC Super-Villains was finally announced by Traveler’s Tales, the latest installment of the extremely long-running LEGO franchise, allowing players to utilize a massive selection of licensed characters to collect studs and smash objects. While most games from the series focused on heroes, this game comes equipped with various villains that have been taken directly from the DC Universe, such as a custom villain that players can create from the ground-up.

Custom Characters

While the new LEGO DC Super-Villains game makes no additional effort to further evolve on the well established formula from previous LEGO games, it does provide one unique thing in the latest installment, and that’s a brand—new focus on custom characters that players can create. Although the games have allowed players to create characters for years, these characters were never featured in the story. However, this time, things are different thanks to custom characters playing a significant role in the story as well as plenty of other playable characters embedded in the game.

The new LEGO DC Super-Villains game offers a massive selection of playable characters and managed to avoid relying too much on Batman which is a mistake most games tend to make these days. While characters like Harley Quinn and The Joker still play significant roles in the story, loads more time has been given to other characters like Captain Cold and Lex Luthor.

Gaming Levels

The levels each character explores are exactly what fans of the LEGO franchise will expect for the most part, but the scenarios in-between each level can be rather tedious . The open world is succumbed by lag, serving little purpose apart from artificially lengthening the overall story to 20 levels, something that the franchise could have done without. This forces players to travel for extremely long distances just to reach the next level. What’s more annoying is the non-level stages, playing exactly like normal levels, but far less rewarding.

However, the levels themselves are quite entertaining and fun, but they do come with a significant downside, there’s no real challenge. Obviously, the LEGO games aren’t renowned for their difficulty, but previous titles made it challenging to obtain stud totals and solving puzzles. This game, on the other hand, is mind-numbingly easy, allowing most players to obtain a stud total before reaching the halfway mark. With the game being so easy, it also makes the boss fights extremely boring, over-long, and repetitive which eliminates any excitement or tension from the game.

Lack of Polish

Another frustrating factor to this game is the lack of polish. In other words, there’s still tons of technical issues and bugs to sort out that has plagued the LEGO franchise since its started. The usual problems include player glitching and story events refusing to trigger at times. For instance, we played with Harley Quinn and every time the auto-save logo appeared, it never left until we reached the next session. During multiplayer mode, the spinning icon stayed for an extended period of time which would annoy any player at the top screen.

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