Madden 20 Review

After Madden 19 that came with tons of issues, ranging from teleporting players to impossible tackles, everyone was hoping that Madden 20 would be the saviour for the annual NFL game from EA Sports that has been lacking in depth since the franchise earned the rights to the National Football League back in 2005. Madden 20 can be seen as a step forward, but will it be everything that players are hoping for this year?

Improved Career Mode

The most anticipated mode on the new Madden 20 will undoubtedly be the QB1 mode that will see players go on an unforgettable journey from college through to the NFL. This new model will replace the Longshot story and will provide a more in-depth experience in the franchise. It will also come equipped with several significant decisions that players need to make that will primarily offer different paths in their careers.

The game will also impress with a Superstar X-factor ability. This is an in-game boost that can be unlocked when you achieve specific goals. For instance, the zone ability for Patrick Mahomes is called bazooka, allowing you to throw the ball the length of the field after completing three passes of more than 30 yards. If Patrick Mahomes throws a pick or gets sacked, you will fall out of the zone and lose the X-factor ability. It’s a small feature that has a significant impact on the player on the field. The added boost ability is going to sit well with players across the globe.


There’s no denying that Madden 20 looks and feels far better than Madden 19. However, looks will only get you so now. Overall, it seems like EA Sports provided cosmetic updates more than anything else. Apart from the scoreboard graphics and new vibrant aesthetic, everything else looks the same, including team celebrations, loading screens, team introductions, play calling. Therefore, if you have Madden 19 and aren’t too concerned about new career modes, there’s no reason to buy the latest edition.

Madden 20 truly shines when you look at the gameplay side of things. You will find that tackling is more realistic and the physicality behind the game is spot on along with the speed of the game as well. Sack animations are also rarer and smoother than before, and the overall plays have also been improved.

AI in Madden 20

The AI in the new Madden 20 is where vast improvements need to be made. For instance, the offensive line play is still in the miss or hit category. There are way too many moments in the game where the AI miss their assignments when it comes to tackles and run blocking. You will also see that cornerbacks don’t have any balance, either too overpowering or getting smoked on the line. Tyreek Hill and Mahomes is an impossible duo that cannot be stopped so everyone will start their season with the Chiefs if it stays like this.

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