Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19, the newest addition to the popular EA Sports franchise, is finally here and the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, is it worth it? For the first time in a very long time, we believe it is. We are going to take you through everything about the newest football game from EA sports and let you decide whether it’s worth buying in 2019.


Since EA Sports decided to ditch the canned animations and make room for a more realistic physics model, thanks to the Frostbite engine, there have been tons of improvements in terms of gameplay. The real player motion looks fantastic, and although it’s not a perfect simulation when it comes to football, it does offer better-defined rules that are both true-to-life and extremely rewarding when compared to the previous instalments of the game.

There’s still loads of animations that will be repeated as you play the game, but the responsiveness and collision feel much better. During our testing, we did encounter a handful of glitches, but they occur far less when compared to Madden NFL 18. The most notable changes to gameplay include a deeper focus to 1-on-1 interactions and a deeper focus on locating the hole as a running back.


Madden NFL 19 comes equipped with the usual Ultimate Team and Franchise modes with loads of improvements made on both. There’s also an innovative online play mode that will provide an extra layer of competitiveness when playing against other online players. Franchise mode now offers a better streamlined experience in terms of importing and downloading custom draft classes and the way in which you upgrade players has also changed for the better.

The Ultimate Team mode has also seen huge improvements where they revamped the entire system to get casual players more interested in the game. You can earn points by simply selling a player you don’t want in your team, and it comes equipped with solo challenges against teams that were created by celebrities, athletes, and developers.

Career Mode

The story mode, known as Longshot: Homecoming, made its return to Madden NFL 19 which continues on the story that was first introduced in Madden NFL 18. This time around you’ll have far more gameplay opportunities in the story mode, and the overall story is still quite captivating and loads of fun if you don’t want to play too competitively.


The biggest complaint with Madden NFL 18 was the overall presentation and sluggishness of all aspects apart from the overall gameplay. The title-based menus in Madden NFL 19 are much easier to navigate this time around and much faster as well. The entire presentation of the game is visually pleasing and cleaner to look at too. Loading times are always an issue with such a huge game, but even this received loads of improvements in the latest offering. Everything you need is presented in the right place, and once you get a hang of the game, you’ll truly enjoy how it’s been put together. 

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