Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Although video games based on comic books have been poorly received in the past, there are a handful of superheroes that enjoyed tremendous success. Most video game fans might consider Batman to be one of the most successful video game adaptions to date. However, Spider-Man is giving the Dark Knight a serious run for his money, especially when you consider the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man video game on PS4.

The Spider-Man Story

What’s extremely impressive of the video game adaption by Insomniac Games is that the studio attempted to tell their own unique story while still utilising existing character or fiction arcs. The plot that involves Mr. Negative is essentially the bulk of the story while you play, and it feels like their attempt to create their very own storyline was met with huge success. Like most villains when it comes to Spider-Man, Mr. Negative has roots in the life of Peter Parker as well as his close family and friends, especially Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May. Fans will also be excited to know that the new video game branches out into more lore and tackles various concepts and characters to keep the game as captivating as possible.

Insomniac Games

With Insomniac Games at the helm, who developed Resistance and Ratchet and Clank, it was difficult to imagine how they would deliver the new Spider-Man video game. There was no doubt that they would capture the spirit and humour of the web-slinging superhero as its one of their greatest strengths, but the studio is mostly known for its unique gameplay and own creations designed around third-person shooters. However, this time round Insomniac Games is attempting to incorporate the look and feel of a movie character and comic book superhero and introduce him into an interactive world.

Fortunately, the studio nailed every single important element of Spider-Man, ranging from the writing to the overall gameplay functionalities. This is a video game that every Spider-Man fan has dreamed of, and although past games were well received, most of them still had several shortcomings when it came to gameplay and the story. However, Insomniac Games managed to embrace the character in every sense of the word.

Overall Gameplay

The overall gameplay in the new Spider-Man video game is a sublime mix of brief stealth sections, reaction-based combat, and an open world to explore for hours on end. For the virtual open world in Spider-Man, the studio attempted to recreate Manhattan Island in New York City in exceptional detail. It’s certainly not a one-to-one recreation, but you’ll find several notable landmarks that will give the impression that Spider-Man is indeed in New York City. Furthermore, the overall visuals and animation is phenomenal, from gloomy alleys during a rainy night to Spidey’s costume in vibrant and flamboyant colours. What will also blow your mind is how Spider-Man moves through the city. After watching countless television shows and movies, players are well aware of how Spider-Man must move through the busy streets of New York and Insomniac Games perfectly recreated those movements.

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