Mega Man 11 Review

For the longest time, it looked like Capcom completely abandoned the popular Mega Man franchise which led to cancelled petitions, projects, and attempts by successors to replace the blue bomber. Thankfully, eight years later after Mega Man 10 was released, Capcom gave video game enthusiasts Mega Man 11 which is undoubtedly another fantastic addition to the long-running series.

The Double Gear Systems

Mega Man 10, and even Mega Man 9 were more focused on paying homage to the traditional games, whereas Mega Man 11 is certainly a step forward. The Double Gear system is the latest addition to the game, expanding the abilities of Mega Man quite significantly which allows players to use the Speed Gear to slow down time along with amplifying their attacks while using the Power Gear. The Power Gear is aimed to make life a little easier against difficult bosses, while the Speed Gear will assist players in difficult platforming sections.

The Double Gear system in the brand-new Mega Man 11 makes familiar gameplay feel rather new and fresh. However, the new Speed Gear is rather disappointing. Before players buy a specific Mega Man upgrade, he will also move quite slow while using the Speed Gear, defeating its true purpose in the game. Thankfully, the Power Gear is extremely useful, but when you use the Power Gear along with charging shots at the same time, it can be cumbersome.

Hand-Drawn 3D Graphics

Apart from the new Double Gear system, which is a nice touch, Mega Man 11 also stands out in another way when compared to the older versions. The latest edition also boasts hand-drawn art along with 3D graphics. This provides an incredible look and feel to the game thanks to brightly coloured visuals and cleverly-themed stages. The stage with the Bounce Man will certainly showcase this to players as well.

Like all Mega Man versions, players will need to battle against various Robot Masters in Mega Man 11, such as Bounce Man, where they will receive brand-new abilities once a Robot Master is defeated. These abilities can be greatly enhanced with the Power Gear, which means they provide more uses when compared to the previous versions and are also far more rewarding.

The Mega Man 11 Story

Those that have been fans of Mega Man won’t care that its setup in the same way as the Mega Man’s before it. However, most players will be rather disappointed due to the lack of new surprises. Players will basically need to fight through rather predictable stages, defeat a boss, receive a new ability, and then do it all again until they reach the final boss at the end, Dr Wily. This might not be a problem for nostalgia-minded players, but for most, it will start to feel quite stale.

The overall story is somewhat predictable, barebones, boring, plain, and ultimately pointless. Obviously, a game like Mega Man doesn’t really need a solid story, but the cut-scenes don’t add any substance to the gamers overall experience. Just something to keep in mind before purchasing the game.

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