Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X

After years of speculation towards the next generation of consoles, we have had our first taste towards what’s coming in 2020. The Microsoft Corporation announce the Xbox Series X, which has been under the development name of Xbox project Scarlett. The official debut occurred at the 2019 Game Awards, showcasing a 4K Trailer themed around the Halo Franchise. After the trailer was complete, it was revealed that the Xbox Series X would release in twelve months.

The first thing that fans of Xbox’s new console are its substantial size. Not only is this model thicker, but its also considerably taller and resembles a rectangular design. Though the design is lacklustre in comparison to other consoles released by Xbox, it makes way for incredibly powerful components that will give gamers the best possible experience. Microsoft has boasted for months that their new console would support 8K Resolutions, a technology that genuinely hasn’t arrived in the general public.

The Xbox Corporation confirmed that this design also compromises itself for cooling capabilities, with this console more resembling an advanced gaming computer than previous models. What you don’t receive with the design, gamers make up for with pure gaming capabilities. Most gaming analysts already believe that the potential for the Xbox Series X will exceed the PlayStation 5. This claim cannot be confirmed until both consoles are tested side by side after years of consumption, which is a minimum of six years away from now.

Technical Details

Xbox Representatives at the 2019 Game Awards provided insightful details on the new console’s capabilities. It was revealed that the Xbox Series X would maintain an NVME SSD Drive, which will be boosted by 8Gb of GDDR6 Ram. This combination will create gaming experiences beyond what everyone has anticipated. This will include open worlds that take days to travel from one side to the other. These free worlds will have improved lighting, textures, character animations, and gameplay components as a result of these technical details.

Another element that will benefit gamers with the inclusion of these components is saving capabilities. Instead of consoles remembering where you left off with a single game, imagine if that gaming machine could memorize multiple titles simultaneously. It would allow players to switch between games without a moment’s notice, so long as they’ve installed it directly from the online store. From all accounts, the Xbox Corporation is looking to revolutionize how we experience our video games.

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