MLB The Show 18 Review

Every year, the MLB The Show video game is usually the safest bet for sports fans that enjoy playing their favourite past time in the comfort of their own home. Most of the time, the overall gameplay is extremely good, and the range of features are among the best and most in-depth when compared to any other sports-related video games. With the new MLB The Show 18, things remain the same along with a few extremely important improvements to make the game more captivating than before.

Improved Gameplay Functionality

MLB The Show 18 is without a doubt the most consistent series of sports video games that provide the most realistic gameplay. The most realistic point in the history of the series is the fight for the ball once it comes off the bat. The brand-new tagging animations managed to eliminate most of the shortfalls that were featured in The Show 17. Success in the gameplay is far more rewarding thanks to the enhanced realism. The improved gameplay also goes beyond the exhibition and franchise modes with improved camera angles and better on-screen indicators.

Visual Improvements

We haven’t seen much improvement in the visual department when it comes to The Show, but it’s actually fine as the overall gameplay improves year after year. Fortunately, the graphics have received tons of enhancements in The Show 18. For the most part, it’s the lighting that has been improved when compared to the older versions. There are loads more detail on equipment and uniforms, and the ballparks received a major overhaul to make it more captivating for players.

Huge Improvement in Franchise Mode

Even though you won’t find new features in Franchise Mode, there’s a brand-new Phases concept along with new menus and navigation to look forward to. Franchise Mode always came equipped with plenty of ways to play, but in MLB The Show 18 the setup takes things to a whole new level. Players can still enjoy manage, simulate, player lock, quick counts, or full. You can even participate in a Retro Mode just for fun. Overall, it comes with more in-depth experience with loads of immersion in every feature.

More Flexibility and Content to Diamond Dynasty

There’s no denying that Diamond Dynasty is becoming the best collector mode in terms of sports video games. Diamond Dynasty mode comes with a wide range of challenges, cards, and layers. You will find a vast selection of road maps to obtain in The Show 18 with 30 brand-new legends along with dynamic rating cards. The Diamond Dynasty mode was excellent last year, but it had one major drawback due to the performance of the server when it was initially launched. Thankfully, things got a lot better this time around as servers are far more stable in the latest version. That gives players more freedom and flexibility when it comes to playing online. Players will also greatly appreciate the interface of the new vault as it comes with tons of upgrades to feast your eyes on.  

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