Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Coming to GameStop

The South Korean Rating Board and Game Rating Administration Committee are both at fault for unintentionally announcing a new title for 2020. Listings from both these administrations were released on February 26th, with nobody noticing following the flurry of information surrounding Covid-19. This listing indicated that Modern Warfare 2: The Campaign Remastered will be coming in late 2020. This may be the rumoured Call of Duty for this season, with most gaming analysts believing that MW2 Remastered will coincide with Black Ops 5 being released.

The substantial difference between this remastered title and the previous version, “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”, is that there won’t be the implementation of the multiplayer mode. This is because the 2019 reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise supports multiplayer maps from the 2nd game in the original series. Gaming analysts are speculating that the associated cost with purchasing MW2 will be minimal because only the story mode will be provided. Suspected price ranges vary between $15.00 to $25.00.

It should be mentioned that this gaming experience will be separate from the 2019 Modern Warfare. Activision – Blizzard has confirmed that their ongoing seasons for MW2019 will sustain itself for two years. This follows after the gaming corporation revealed that the upcoming COD for 2020 wouldn’t support the sustainable popularity behind MW2019. Those wanting their hands on the most recent iteration in the Modern Warfare franchise can purchase MW2019 today for $79.99. All multiplayer map packs and bonus content is free after the initial purchase. This excludes cosmetic rewards, which are occasionally rewarded for zero cost.

GameStop Closing Californian Stores

We recommend our readers purchase MW2019 directly through their consoles. The GameStop Company has begun closing retail stores throughout California, with Covid-19 expected to become the most detrimental across this state. Business analysts suspect that closures with GameStop will continue throughout the United States of America. Increasing legislation regarding the protection of local communities will force this gaming retail store to shutdown locations across the USA.

Closures in California are slated to remain in effect, with GameStop believing these government-based protocols are extensive. The company claimed that effective social distancing measures were being used and that hand sanitizer was provided. Considering that GameStop is nearly bankrupt, these closures will drastically affect their margins.

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