Modern Warfare Receiving Battle Pass

The original three entries in the Modern Warfare franchise were some of the most massive shooters on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Almost a decade later, the franchise has returned with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which was released on October 25. Since the game’s release, multiple updates improving performance and balance issues have been added. However, it was just revealed by Infinity Ward and Activision that a Battle Pass would be released for the game by December 15. This decision means the removal of Season Passes, instead opting out to follow the similar microtransaction system employed by Fortnite.

It was rumoured that a battle pass system would be released by December, with Quarterly Reports indicating that the first official season for Modern Warfare will begin in December. It was initially estimated that the Battle Pass would be launched with a new update on December 1, 2019. Unfortunately, development schedules have pushed back this update by fourteen days.

Activision and Infinity Ward hadn’t shared any details on the Battle pass until November 13, 2019. An advertisement video released by the game publisher revealed that there would be Premium and Free Content available in the upcoming season, with Premium Gear available for Battle Pass owners exclusively. Refusing to purchase the battle pass doesn’t impact the new weapons, attachments and gameplay provided through updates. Owners of the Battle pass receive premium cosmetic upgrades and COD Points for future purchases.

Current Content

Until Activision and Infinity Ward release the upcoming December Updates, multiple new additions have been provided for Modern Warfare fans. This includes two new maps, which were released on November 8. The first map is Krovnik Farmland for the more extensive game modes and Shoot House for smaller playlists like TDM. There have also been two recent updates that improved the performance of weapons and improvement of certain gameplay elements.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released for the PC, PS$ and Xbox One on October 25. The shooter quickly became the best-selling game of October, selling more than 60 Million Units in the first weekend. Reviews from IGN and GameSpot have placed Modern Warfare at an average of 8/10. Additional modes like Spec Ops, Night Vision and Gunfight, have paved the way for this game’s popularity. It’s anticipated that other famous game modes like Michael Myers could arrive on Modern Warfare in the next few updates. Those wanting to play this game can purchase it from retailers like BestBuy or directly from the PS4/Microsoft stores.

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