Modern Warfare Season 1 Beginning Next Week

Infinity Ward, the developers behind Modern Warfare, announced they’re launching the first round of post-launch content for its 2019 shooter. Infinity Ward has confirmed that this is their most ambitious season to date and will provide more content than fans could anticipate. The new season is slated to begin on December 3rd, with the game developer providing fans with a roadmap of what to expect.

This information was released through multiple social media posts and blog campaigns. Detailing the blog shows that there will be numerous new maps coming to the game. Those include Crash, Shipment and Vacant for standard multiplayer modes. Unique modes like 2v2 Gunfight are receiving unspecified new maps through the first season and ground war is acquiring the multiplayer map Port.

The details also showcase that three new modes for multiplayer are being released, which include: Infected, Gunfight OSP and Reinforce. Special operations mode is acquiring four new games modes. Those comprise of Bomb Squad, Pitch Black, Grounded and Just Reward. There are also two new multiplayer weapons included with the December 3rd update, which include the Holger-26 and Ram-7.

The December 3rd season launch is considered the beginning of Modern Warfare’s Battle pass. All post-launch content released for this shooter is free of charge, and there aren’t any additional loot boxes implemented in Modern Warfare either. Subsequently, everyone playing this shooter across the PS4, Xbox One and PC, can earn all prizes without impacting the flow of gameplay.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Free Content

Those new to the franchise and unfamiliar with the returning multiplayer maps need not worry, as we have provided details analysis over each unique environment. Crash is an iconic map from Call of Duty 4, allowing for players to engage with the flanking routes and experience unexpected rooftop encounters. Vacant is another infamous multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4, it’s located in an abandoned office and has some of the most action-packed interior combat from any COD. Shipment is the final returning map, which sets players in a small environment with dozing of shipping containers. Expect frantic frag grenades and unexpected deaths at all moments.

Infinity Ward is also providing three new multiplayer maps for the ground war and gunfight multiplayer modes. Port is the ground war map that sees players battle across a massive landscape with shipping containers, cranes and dozens of open streets. Cargo is the 1st of two maps released for Gunfight; it will see players engage on an open-roof storage vessel at the docks of London, England. Atrium is the final multiplayer map being released on December 3rd and see’s players engage in battle throughout the Verdansk Palace.

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