Multiplayer Mode for Watch Dogs Legion Postponed

Technical issues have prompted the immediate postponement of “Watch Dogs: Legion – Multiplayer Mode”, a video game recently released by Ubisoft. Gamers aren’t surprised by the delay following Covid-19 & Ubisoft’s reputation for releasing unfinished titles. Those hoping to experience the multiplayer component of Watch Dogs: Legion will have to wait until 2021. It was announced by Ubisoft was this feature won’t be released until latest March of next year.

The multiplayer mode wasn’t supposed to launch with the games release, with Ubisoft & the developers wanting gamers to focus on the core storyline. It was strategically planned to release the online mode during the Post-Launch sequence, similarly to Red Dead Redemption Two from Rockstar. December 3rd was the initial release date for the multiplayer component of Watch Dogs: Legion, which would’ve added additional Co-Op Missions & PVP Battles via robotic wars.

Announced features for multiplayer with Watch Dogs: Legion was never anticipated by gamers, with the announcement being widely unseen by the majority of gamers. Multiple titles being postponed following Covid-19 prompted Legion to become a more popular game, thusly creating more enthusiasm for the multiplayer mode. Though gamers aren’t surprised by the delay, disappointment has been evoked on social media threads like Twitter & Reddit.

Ubisoft confirmed that postponement of the multiplayer mode is to account for additional updates, include stability enhancements releasing over the next two weeks. Update 2.20 focuses on optimization & stability, while adding the beneficial feature for PC Players to save their storyline manually. It should be noted that additional stability updates are planned for December 2020, with the next enhancements slated to optimize Frame Rates & Ray-Trace Lighting effects. There’ll also be improvements for the “Doomed Character” glitch in December.

Poor Launch

Watch Dogs: Legion has experienced a horrendous launch, which has been plagued by glitches & save corruptions. Ubisoft appears to be working towards a fully realized version of this cybernetic game. Typically, it takes anywhere for six months to one year for Ubisoft to release all the necessary updates to sustain a complete game. This will likely lead to lower sales for Watch Dogs: Legion.

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