Mutant Football League Review

The Nintendo Switch celebrated its second anniversary at the beginning of March. This is an extremely long time for a gaming console to exist without releasing an American football game. Madden, the famous football series, has decided to skip Switch ports in 2019 and 2018. This is because the overall graphics and processing power of the Switch is on the low end of the spectrum.

Thankfully, there is a football-inspired game that was recently launched on Switch. However, it’s not exactly a game that comes with all the players and teams you would expect to see in an American football game. The game is called Mutant Football League, and although players will have to wait for Madden another year at least, this is the best answer to those that are desperately searching for a football game on the Switch console.

Mutant Football League

The game is precisely what the name implies, a version of American football where mutants replace humans. Apart from mutants, players will also have the flexibility to choose a wide range of other creatures, including vampires, skeletons, and werewolves. It’s primarily based on appearances, but you will also notice that some characters provide additional effects according to their type.

The game unfolds faster than your standard NFL game where the quarters last between a minute and 5 minutes. This is ideally suited for a game like this as its quite tricky to follow what is going on during each match. The Mutant Football League game is also available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and offers fantastic graphics and animation quality to make it more appealing to players. The game was initially created by Digital Dreams Entertainment who developed the first Mutant Football League game back in 1993 on the Sega Genesis.

Following an unsuccessful $750,000 starter campaign on Kickstarter, Michael Mendheim decided to find a second campaign for a mere $60,000. The release of the game featured far less content than initially planned. However, a recent DLC managed to add loads of content to the game, called the Dynasty Edition.

Dynasty Mode

One of the most appealing factors of the new Mutant Football League game is the single-player mode known as Dynasty Mode. It offers a layered and sophisticated way with plenty of replayability for players looking for hours of entertainment from a single player mode. You will also find an almost endless list of customization options, and you’ll have the ability to enjoy online matches and quick play matches to add an extra layer of diversity to your gaming session.

You will be introduced to 25 different football teams in the game, and there’s even a horror-themed version of each group to make it more appealing. The game essentially adds an element of mayhem and carnage to a favourite sport like football, and if you keen on trying something completely different, you cannot go wrong with this game. The best thing about this game is that it only costs $30 for a copy.

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