NBA 2K20 Hitting Record Sales

It took just one month for the latest release NBA 2K20 to move into the leading position of game sales for the year. Released on the 5th of September, the game’s launch showed incredible success even though the NBA season is yet to start and amidst an international scandal in the world of basketball happening in China.

September was quite an eventful month for sports gamers globally, and amidst quite a bit of choice available regarding new releases, they showed their support for NBA and made their purchases. This loyalty towards sports games can be seen in the data released by the NPD Group. In the top ten of best-sellers for September, four titles represent the world of sports all the products of Electronic Arts. These titles include FIFA 20 in third place, NHL 20 in ninth place and Madden 20 in fifth place. NBA 2K20 top however the list with what is seen as the most significant launch of any video game ever.

The game also remains sixth on the list of all-time best-selling video games in EA’s history. Even though there was some controversy when the title was claimed by NBA 2K20 as the best-selling video game in the US, due to some uncertainty about microtransactions concerning Mortal Kombat 1.1 which was released one day later, that seems to be resolved now. NBA 2K20 inevitably broke the previous record for the States as the most significant sports game released, an album set by NBA 2K19. This release of NBA by EA was the 21st title in the hugely successful series.

Nintendo Switch Dominating

NBA 2K20 isn’t the only market dominator though. Nintendo Switch is also in a leading position when video game hardware is taken into consideration. The switch is by far outperforming its competition in the form of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, being the top performer for many months consecutively already. Nintendo announced that they had sold over 15 million consoles North America only.

This success in sales is now further fuelled by the launch of the Switch Lite console. The console entered the market at $100 cheaper than the usual and is a portable only console. While Nintendo is experiencing this great success, both their significant competitors are preparing to launch their latest edition in 2020. Both PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett are set to hit the market during the holiday season of 2020.

EA’s NBA 2K20 is however available on numerous platforms of which Nintendo Switch is only one. It is no question which sports game is the most popular available. However, the question which remains to be answered is whether the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week, will dethrone the basketball champion as the overall leader in the marketplace.

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