NBA Live 19 Review

NBA Live 19 is considered the underdog when it comes to basketball video games. Even though EA Tiburon is regarded as a key player in the sports gaming industry, the Live franchise constantly comes up in second place when compared to its competition. Fortunately, the new NBA Live 19 game made several improvements to rectify this problem and is considered a much more superior game when compared to NBA Live 18. Brand-new features have been added, and the overall gameplay has also been refined. However, although it received loads of new improvements, it still comes up short.

A Serious Contender to NBA 2K19

NBA Live 19 is definitely not a bad game, and the franchise is edging closer and closer to challenge NBA 2K19, which is its main competitor. The latest instalment provides a stronger experience at its core, but lacks in several aspects, including unnecessary microtransactions, an unremarkable story, and a lack of features which holds it back from achieving true glory.

If there’s a single aspect where the game truly excels, it’s definitely in the gameplay it provides. Although NBA Live 19 is still regarded as a basketball simulation game, it offers a marvellous pickup and play feel. The overall controls are clear and intuitive, and the game allows you to easily succeed, even if you have never played a basketball video game before. It also comes equipped with informative tutorials to assist you when the mechanics are too overwhelming. If you simply look at the game from a gameplay level, you will find that the new NBA Live 19 game is a welcoming and entertaining experience.

Problems with NBA Live 19

The biggest problems with the new NBA Live 19 video game starts to emerge when you place your focus outside the core mechanics of the game. It’s essentially a bareboned basketball experience that only features standard modes and a handful of standalone features. Even when you look at the selling points of the game, you will notice that they come with drawbacks.

For instance, although you can choose between a female or male basketball player, the overall story mode of the game is meaningless and hollow. It might be entertaining and fun at times but remains simplistic at best. You will also notice that the overall production and commentary is another drawback to the game. Although the animation quality and graphics are a huge improvement to the previous instalment, there are still several hiccups in the game.

The biggest problem with NBA Live 19 comes fourth in the Ultimate Team mode. Although you have the ability to create the perfect basketball team with present and past players, its riddled with microtransactions that players will absolutely hate when they really get into the game. Coaches, uniforms, players, and stats can be unlocked through card packs. However, you will need to purchase this before it can be utilised.

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