New COD Coming in 2021

The Call of Duty Franchise refuses to give up their yearly release schedule. After numerous gaming analysts believe that Activision – Blizzard wouldn’t release a new entry into this series in 2020, corporation executives confirmed that an updated version of COD would be released in November. Confirmation on which studio is developing the title and for which consoles it’ll be released to hasn’t been revealed. It’s believed that the upcoming entry will be released to the next generation consoles, including the Nintendo Switch Pro.

An Earning Report with investors saw Activision – Blizzard reveal the incredible success behind Modern Warfare, which increased by 120% the popularity of Black Ops Four. It’s earned more than $1.5 Billion since being released in November 2019. When the new title was confirmed to investors, the company informed them to anticipate declining profits with this upcoming entry.

Performance revenues earned from this upcoming model will be minimal in comparison to Modern Warfare, which Activision believes has a three-year lifespan. Rumours regarding this forthcoming game suggest a sequel of Call of Duty: Ghosts, which would make logical sense as Sledgehammer is next in life for the development cycle. The Ghosts Series in COD saw one entry when there was to be three. The secondary version could be far superior to the original, with nine years passing between the sequels release date.

Additional Details

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has seen more than 500 million hours played in multiplayer, with the average consumer spending more than 48 hours of accumulated time. 300+ million matches have been experienced by 250 million players in the United States and Canada. The Modern Warfare reboot is considered to be the highest-selling game of last year, with the previous entry in the franchise earning the 9th position for 2018.

The difference in quality prompted an immediate boost in popularity. Reports that profits will be lower indicate a step backwards, with graphics being less technical and gameplay less advanced. Those wanting to experience Modern Warfare (2019) should start on February 11th. This mark the beginning of Season Two, which sees multiple gameplay elements from “Modern Warfare Two” implemented into the rebooted title.

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