New Map for Call of Duty Warzone

Treyarch Studios made an expected announcement on December 5th. Studio representatives clarified that integration between Call of Duty Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone would finalize on December 16th. Integration won’t include the exclusive of new weaponry, which was rumoured & confirmed weeks ago. The upcoming update will release another largescale map for Call of Duty Warzone. Gamers worldwide have rejoiced to learn that Warzone is receiving another plan, with additional content being requested from the Call of Duty community since January 2020.

Newly introduced weaponry & the map will release on December 16th, which coincides with Season One of “Call of Duty: Warzone – Black Ops Cold War”. The first season introduces multiple components associated with the latest entry in this franchise. However, gamers & analysts have noted that gameplay won’t be coherent. Warzone maintains different graphical infrastructures than Cold War, meaning alterations in graphic fidelity. The way weaponry performs & looks will become considerably different. Large percentages of the Cold War community have expressed that visual alterations will be hard to overcome.

Details behind what Cold War’s initial season could include haven’t been revealed, with imagery on the upcoming map strategically not shown. It leaves considerable speculation for what’s coming by December 16th, with the complete information provided by Treyarch being that “Warzone Blueprints” are returning for the thirty weaponry options. Blueprints will sustain integration with Cold War’s standard multiplayer, meaning guns like the AK47 or MP5 will become drastically customizable by two weeks.

New Map, New Gulag.

Treyarch isn’t issuing imagery of the upcoming map for Warzone, with setting details also not provided for the studio’s version of the Gulag. Whenever gamers die in Warzone, the Gulag is opened to players. This location permits the one-chance opportunity of acquiring a second life. Treyarch plans to initiate a second Gulag, which studio representatives clarify will become more challenging with each season. Individuals wanting to experience the new map can download Call of Duty Warzone for free, with Cold War costing $90.00.

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