New Pokemon Movie Releasing with 2020 World Championships

The 2020 Pokemon World Championships were confirmed this week. Fans were shocked to learn that this tournament would move from North America to London, England. That’ll be the 1st time in the world championships history that it’ll move continents. Taking place over three days, the highest-rated players with the video games and trading cards are selected to compete for substantial prizes. This year includes new competitions surrounding Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Each particular event maintains a prize pol of $7,000.00 and will begin on August 14th. Those desiring to compete in this competition will require an invitational ticket. These tickets are awarded by entering local tournaments. There are also standard passes for visitors, which cost anywhere from $15.00 to $50.00 in previous years.

The Pokemon Company has suffered in popularity with recent generations. However, this will change in the coming months, with this corporation planning to garner excitement for the 2020 World Championships by releasing a new film on Network. Names Pokemon: MewTwo Strikes Back – Evolution, this is a recreation of the original version that was released in 1998/99. This marks the first time that Netflix is recreating an animated film.


Those unfamiliar with the MewTwo storyline shouldn’t feel bad; it’s been twenty years since supports previously watched this adventure. Pokemon researchers locate an ancient fossil that shared relation to the MewTwo bloodline. Pokemon Scientists used advanced technology at the time, resulting in a clone being created from this legendary Pokemon. The result is a destructive beast that cannot be controlled by his human creators. This results in Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and their Pokemon friends to assist MewTwo in becoming peaceful. It’d be the most challenging and memorable task in the Pokemon storyline.

Release Date

Individuals wanting to experience the MewTwo storyline in the 2020s won’t have to wait long to witness the action. MewTwo will compete against Pikachu by February 27th, 2020. It should be noted that the Japanese version of this film was released on Netflix previous to the English-supported version. February 27th marks Pokemon Day, a global celebration for all fans worldwide. Those locating the various competition centres across North America and Europe will experience club festivities in association to Pokemon Day. This follows after the Vice President of the Pokemon Company worked to rebrand their image throughout 2019.

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