New Switch Console in 2020

New rumours are circulating the internet that the Nintendo Corporation could be releasing another iteration of the Nintendo Switch in 2020. This version will be more immersive than the previous two generations, while fully competing against the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. These rumours come from the same analyst that accurately predicted the original Nintendo Switch and its successor, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This analyst predicts that the Nintendo Corporation will release a 4K-Supported model named the Switch Pro.

The analyst at hand is Serkan Toto, who works with Kantan Games and Game Industry Biz. He’s had inside knowledge on the inner-workings of the video game market for more than a decade. Throughout his prediction, he claims that this iteration of the Nintendo Switch will maintain enhanced specifications. This means it could support graphically-higher games with increased frame rates, which will require a larger cartridge space. Serkan predicts that it’ll cost USD 399.00 for this version, with Toto claiming that it’ll be released before the PlayStation 5 of the Xbox Series X. Subsequently, Sony and Microsoft could have a significant competition going forward.

Previous Reports

This isn’t the first time that reports regarding an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch have been released. Previously in the 2019 summer, it was noted that the Switch Lite was in development with a Pro Model. These reports indicated that the pro version would maintain increased battery life and be water-resistant, enabling consumers to cool down the console in moments of overheating.

This indicates that the console will be similar in strength to the PS5 XSX. However, we recommend that readers don’t get excited before the Nintendo Corporation makes a confirmation announcement to these rumours. There’s a good chance that no reliable details will be released until the E3 2020 Expo. Announcing the third console in three years would make Nintendo the biggest name in the expo, kicking Sony and Microsoft to the curb.

The Switch’s Best Games

Serkan Toto didn’t confirm in his report if the Switch’s top-rated games are released for the Pro Model. It would require all developers that made Triple-A title to publish updates, which allowed for the game to be supported in 4K. However, this often means re-texturing the entire game, which can take months. Though Nintendo will inevitably begin this process, don’t expect games like Pokemon Sword of the Legend of Zelda to be released at launch. It’s better to anticipate games that can be released across all platforms, like FIFA 21.

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