NHL 19 Review

It’s been a phenomenal year for sports video games. Especially when you look at how EA Sports is keeping the ball rolling with the newest addition of the NHL series. Let’s take a look at why players should consider purchasing the new NHL 19 video game.

Player Renders Receive a Massive Improvement

As sports gaming fanatics, we appreciate the accuracy of player models in each title we review. NHL 19 might not break new ground when it comes to visual appeal, but it is still considered a beautiful looking video game.

NHL is slightly below Madden in terms of the overall beauty of slow-motion videos and snapshots. However, the animation quality is far better when compared to Madden. This is due to the brand-new skating engine which improves the hockey animations. The overall manoeuvres provide exciting on-screen action along with a rewarding visual experience in every match you play.

Fast-Paced Action is Further Refined

NHL 19 provides a helpful tutorial that serves as an innovative onboard tool when it comes to gameplay. Mastering the advanced dekes offer a high appreciation for skilled players. The skill gap is vital in the eSports era, especially in such a major video game title. The scrambled, fast-paced action can still be found in NHL 19 that has been further refined for added excitement and sophistication. The sequences are plain fun, and we are happy to see that the series hasn’t left that out in NHL 19.

Immersive Impact

A few years ago, hitting didn’t feel as substantial as it should have been. This is one issue that has been resolved in NHL 19. When you connect with a player, you can feel the overall impact which is something that all sports video games should have.

We also appreciated the fact that the angle at which the contact is made. It plays a factor in the overall collision. Several hits only clipped an arm or a shoulder. Although this is a small factor to such an outstanding game, it does provide an extra layer of authenticity for those that want a genuinely captivating and realistic gaming experience.

Offence and Defense

The balance between defence and offence is incredible. Poke checks are not out of control like it was in previous versions, providing an effective way to stop a player’s progress offensively. We believe NHL 19 places a lot of focus on a player’s defensive tools which allow gamers to command more tolls than ever before, making you better at the game.

Progression System is Easy and Logical

We love the progression system in NHL 19. You will continuously receive rewards for playing smart and will be penalised if you perform poorly. The loadout approach functions better. The skill additions make far more sense in this game. Although we aren’t major fans of this, we didn’t get bothered by it at all in the newest NHL game. It’s worth buying if you want to experience NHL in all its glory.

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