Nintendo Stops Shipping the Switch

The Nintendo Company announced that they’ve immediately suspended manufacturing of the Switch & Switch Lite through Japan. This follows after an influx of demand for the product prompted systems to malfunction. Instead of fixing the manufacturing line, Nintendo determined that it’s best to suspend operations for workforce safety. It should be mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced numerous gaming companies to enter delays, with Nintendo being the last. Both PlayStation and Microsoft stopped their manufacturing processes far before Nintendo.

Diehard supporters behind the Nintendo Company aren’t surprised by this announcement. It was confirmed during February 2020 that shipments of the Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite would be delayed following the COVID-19 pandemic. When representatives made this announcement, it was confirmed that two factories have recovered their production lines but aren’t at full capacity. Some gaming analysts believe that the malfunction of manufacturing lines is an excuse from Nintendo. Throughout the last decade, this company hasn’t made any failures public knowledge.

North Americans and Europeans concerned that this’ll affect the shipments or production of their respective Nintendo Switches will be pleased to learn that representatives confirmed this applies exclusively to Japan. North America and Europe will continue their regular manufacturing and shipment processes, with minor delays facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Switch Boom in Japan

Nintendo didn’t anticipate that the Switch & Switch Lite would become drastically more popular throughout Japan. The native company to Japan doesn’t maintain high profits amongst its community, with a large portion of their retail funds stemming from North America and Europe. Social distancing measures in Japan prompted the immediate boost of popularity for this product in Japan. Malfunctions in the manufacturing process could become detrimental to the Nintendo brand within Japan, which already faced minimal demand against Sony’s PlayStation 4. Representatives provided their apologizes for the inconvenience, expressing that this won’t happen again in the future.

The Nintendo Company has seen an immediate influx in the sales of Roleplaying Games with their electronic store. This isn’t surprising when accounting for the popularity of this genre, with RPGs dominating the Japanese gaming space. Brand name games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Monster Hunters have increased their sales by an average of 30% throughout Japan.

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