Nippon Marathon Review

If you consider yourself to be someone that is not humourless, stay far away from this video game. On the same note, if you come across bad reviews on this game, they have been written by lonely and grievous individuals who can’t have any fun. Furthermore, if you only play AAA titles, skip over this game and find something else. Nippon Marathon is purely focused on fun and not about misery, gloom, and violence. Now that we have the right audience let’s continue.

Story Behind Nippon Marathon

Nippon Marathon, as the name suggests, is a footrace across Japan in a Japanese game show style with crazy obstacles, animals running amok, harassing by-passers, and all types of incomprehensible things taking place around you. People in Japan are usually regarded as temperate and moderate, but the significant amount of humiliation that they are ready to encounter is this weird game indicates something completely different. You might be surprised to learn that this game wasn’t designed by Japanese, but by Japanophiles instead. However, we believe it could have been much more ludicrous if it was developed in Japan.

The game comes equipped with eight races that occur across Japan, each race neatly divided into several checkpoints, while being presented from an unusual isometric viewpoint while the screen scrolls to the right. The overall gameplay is so simple that even your cat would be able to play it. You will find buttons for diving, jumping, and ducking, while the triggers are used to consume pick-ups. The race will go past temple grounds, river banks, city centres, train stations, hot springs, breweries, suburban streets, shopping malls, and a wide range of other familiar sights that you see while travelling. However, it’s just not as safe as it would be if you moved here in real life. This is because the game also has collapsing sidewalks, erratic traffic, Shiba dogs, boiling sake tanks, steamy monkeys, and impatient people to mention but a few.

Primary Objective of the Game

You will notice that fruit pick-ups will be scattered across the stages in the game, and you’ll be allowed to grab one pick-up with each hand. You can eat them to receive a small burst of speed or to do damage to other competitors in the game. However, if you want to be more successful, we recommend that you focus on your performance as you are bound to slip on the fruit pulp you used in the previous lap to knock out an opponent from pole position.

You will also notice that the race will be interrupted once in a while by maze constructed by Dr De Jong, or a questionnaire by Wendy Jones as a local reporter. You will compete for popularity and stars in the game. When you win a checkpoint, you’ll receive an actor, and if you drop out of view, you will lose a star. You can earn popularity by reading lost pages. It’s a strange game to get used to, but it provides hours of entertainment nonetheless.

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