Nostalgic Trip Trip with Mario & Sonic

For over a decade SEGA and Nintendo have been bringing players the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Franchise. This has always been the place where the two rivals came together to sweat it out against each other. After not delivering any new release for the Winter Olympics, they are taking players now to the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, with their latest version, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The game will exclusively be for Nintendo Switch and is due to be released on the 5th of November. With old school 2D graphics, this game is sure to take many players down a road of nostalgia.

A Blast From the Past

Sonic and Mario are always competing, and with this game, players can let them compete in a variety of ten different events, including judo, 100 m, 400 m hurdles, gymnastics with a vault, 10 m platform diving, 1 000m kayak single, marathon, shooting, long jump and volleyball. These events can be played in 2D. In addition to these events, 21 more activities are also added, which is delivered in 3D. Four new sports which are making their appearance at the Olympics, are also included. Now players will be able to keep up the competition in skateboarding, Kumite, sport climbing and surfing.

Players also have the option to switch from 3D characters to the old school and very familiar 2D representation. The 8-bit character from Mario is competing with the 16-bit characters from Sonic and friends to entertain players for hours. Furthermore, the creators also decided to add some new flavour to the old classic by adding retro graphics and images from the original games which were delivered by Sonic and Super Mario Bros.

SEGA and Nintendo

It was just over a decade ago when these two rival companies first collaborated on the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. Through 2D characters and simple graphics, the game remained popular as an old school classic. In spite of the brilliant graphics being the norm to expect in any sport today, the fans still adored these two characters, and more than 10 million copies were sold of their first release in the series. Initially, it was launched in 2008 and was compatible with Wii.

Now they have collaborated on probably the most exciting release of the game yet. Although it would only be available on Switch, the excitement is building towards the announcement, and many can’t wait for the games to begin. If you are searching for great visuals and cutting-edge technology, then this is most certainly not for you. But if you can relate with an era when this was as good as it got for entertainment and the winner was determined by who had the fastest reflexes and finger to press down on the buttons, then you will surely enjoy this brilliant form of nostalgic entertainment.

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