Overcooked 2 Review

The original Overcooked video game was a well-received co-op game that even managed to get nominated for several rewards, but there’s no denying that the first game had room for major improvements. Thankfully, the sequel provides a more comprehensive and polished experience that manages to build on the first Overcooked video game quite successfully.

Overcooked 2 Gameplay

Overcooked 2 provides the same simplistic gameplay functionality as the original where it requires players to work together in a co-op environment to successfully cook a wide range of dishes within a certain amount of time. In the new Overcooked 2 video game, players will be thrilled to know that there are more dishes to prepare as well as new cooking techniques. For instance, some dishes will first need to be prepared in mixers before the food can be cooked and you will also find more rich-based dishes that will require you to boil rice while preparing other ingredients.

By including more food types, the sequel offers more variety when compared to the original, which is certainly a huge benefit to players. The first release of Overcooked featured loads of levels which primarily focused on cooking tomato and onion soup. Therefore, the added variety in Overcooked 2 makes the game more fun and interesting as the story processes. It also boasts with tougher levels which experienced players will appreciate, especially those who found the first game to be extremely easy.

Challenging for the Wrong Reasons

Overcooked 2 will sometimes provide a challenge for the wrong reasons. Although the addition of mixers are greatly appreciated in the sequel, you will often see the ingredients in the mixing bowl clog up the display which makes it rather difficult to see what else is on the counter. Other times the kitchen will catch fire at random, trapping players and forcing them to patiently wait for it to be over.

The best way to play Overcooked 2 is by creating a rhythm where two players work together to successfully get dishes out the kitchen as quickly as possible. However, stopping play due to a fire can be very frustrating and will break the rhythm you created in the game. Fortunately, this does not occur very often, but once it happens you’ll dislike it immediately.

Mouth-Watering Ingredients

The new Overcooked 2 doesn’t just boast with brand-new kitchen hazards, but also comes equipped with sensational new cooking skills. This includes the ability to add ingredients that drastically changes how you will approach the game and improve on it. In Overcooked 2, players can maintain a fast pace in the kitchen thanks to the ability to toss ingredients directly into cooking pots or skillets as well as to friends. The fast-paced action will provide more thrilling overall gameplay functionality and keep the game interesting for all players involved.

Overcooked 2 is a major improvement when compared to the original and in several aspects as well. The sequel is more polished with less technical issues and sharper visuals along with added content to provide a memorable experience every time you switch it on.

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