PGA Tour 2K21 is Now Available

It’s been years since an official entry into the “Professional Golf Association Video Game Series” was released to consumers. This follows after declining sales grew tenfold between 2010 & 2013. The series would take it’s final dize when announcing “PGA Tour: Rory McIlroy” after dropping Tiger Woods for fifteen years. The sales behind Rory’s version of this game were horrendous, prompting Electronic Arts to shelf this franchise for five years. However, the series is returning under the new name of “PGA Tour 2K21”. Reviews regarding this recent title indicated that it’s the most versatile & realistic golfing experience ever created for video games.

Advertisements regarding PGA Tour 2K21 have begun releasing, exposing the courses & player licensing that’s been permitted to this updated entry. The marketing directive behind PGA Tour 2K21 doesn’t showcase its best features though, a problem which is consistent with previous entries into this series. This could again prompt declining sales, silencing any possibility of another sequel for years to come.

Reviewers have had several days with PGA Tour 2K21, experiencing both the career & development modes. It’s noted that the simulation experience maintained in this title is reminiscent of the 2013 entry, which means that Electronic Arts & 2K Sports haven’t altered the formula. It some instances this makes the game feel outdated.

The Course Designer

However, when looking beyond the career mode, it’s evident that EA is pushing past the concept of simulation. That’s evident with the “PGA 2K21 Course Designer”, which enables games to create unique golfing experiences that can waver between arcade to simulation-style gameplay. It’s unknown why Electronic Arts didn’t highlight the course designer in their advertisements.

The course designer has been a desired feature from supporters of the PGA Tour video game franchise. These individuals have waited since 1999 for the introduction of this feature, knowing that gameplay could be heightened tenfold with creative capabilities. Electronic Arts for two decades couldn’t implement this feature because of licensing contracts. However, with the resigning of those contracts in 2019, that would change.

Players wanting the conventional experience associated with PGA Tour video games won’t be disappointed with 2K21. There are fifteen real-world courses, tournament sponsors, all competitors under the PGA Tour, apparel licensing, and equipment licensing.

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