Post Malone Purchases Stake Into Envy Gaming

Competitive gaming has grown into an industry worth billions, with eSports providing global entertainment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Their growth during the pandemic was substantial & prompted unexpected investors into eSport teams like the Faze Clan. The most recent investor into competitive gaming is Post Malone, who has become Co-Owner of Envy Gaming. Malone has acquired an equity stake into the eSports Team, which is maintaining the top position in the “Call of Duty League” and “Overwatch League”.

Post Malone released a formal statement behind his investment, clarifying that growing up in Texas & gaming throughout his young made this acquisition the perfect fit for his portfolio. Malone also mentioned that in the early years of his life, there was a desire for gaming to become a professional sport & it’s something that he’s always wanted to become involved in. Sentiments from Post Malone finalized by evoking that Team Envy represents his home state of Texas and is the perfect fit behind his brand.

Celebrity Investors

Multiple celebrities have begun investing in eSports, with the associated cost considerably lower than traditional investments into professional sports. Drake, a rapper based in Toronto, invested into the 100 Thieves Team. Another rapped named Offset invested into the Faze Clan, and musical group “The Weekend” became Co-Owners of Team Overactive Media.

Days before the announcement that Post Malone had invested into Team Envy Gaming, it was revealed that Ben Simmons from the National Basketball Associated joined Offset & invested into the Faze Clan. These celebrities haven’t maintained a history in professional gaming like Post Malone, with the rapper previously being an Ambassador for HyperX, a peripheral gaming manufacturer that’s known for supporting streamers. Post Malone would join alongside Twitch streamers when he stood as the HyperX Ambassador.

Post Malone’s investment into Team Envy is likely the highest seen in eSports Gaming, resulting in the cost for his equity stake being kept private. Team Envy has been operational in professional gaming since 2007, is one of the first names in eSports. Their growth has been exponential & is considered the first empire in professional gaming. Malone’s involvement will help increase this empire.

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