PS5 Download Speeds are Faster

One notable complaint associated with the last generation of consoles was download speeds. It’d often take players with premium connections hours or days to install massive games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or Red Dead Redemption Two. Prolong installations have led to the continued adoption of disc-based games. However, consumers will become more inclined to download their purchased titles direct to consoles with the upcoming generation.

Launching on November 12th and November 13th, the PS5 to Xbox Series will sustain faster download speeds. Benchmarks have begun being released, showing that installation times have decreased by 75% to 80%. That drastic boost in speed extends towards the PS5 and Xbox Series loading times, with games like Grand Theft Auto Five taking several seconds to load instead of one minute. It’s these core attributes that have prominent players excited for upcoming games associated with the next generation, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Black Ops Cold War. provided benchmarks for the PlayStation5, showing the difference associated with download & loading times between PS4s to PS5s. Smaller gamers were selected initially for prompt results, with selecting “Disgaea Five”. Sustaining 6.58GGB, the PlayStation5 downloaded that title in 1 Minutes & 58 Seconds. The PlayStation4 required 10 Minutes & 42 Seconds for installation. That’s a decrease of 90%.

Direct Download

These benchmarks show that 60GB of memory can be installed to the PS5 in roughly ten minutes. This means largescale games coming later into the lifespan of the next generation won’t take long to download. Players could download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in thirty to forty minutes, all 200+ gigabytes of memory. It should be noted that sustaining the download speeds requires a prominent internet connection using fibre-optics. It’s recommended that players use direct connections for the best possible speeds.

Sony Computer Entertainment Company is recommending that any consumers purchasing a PS5 download their games directly to consoles. It’ll ensure loading times are minimal, with higher periods for loading expected when using disc-drives. We at Mercenary have installed our games to consoles since the PS4 was released and can confidently inform our readers that it’s the best option for convenience.

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