Rocksteady Announces Suicide Squad Game

The DC Video Game Universe is growing tenfold over the next generation of consoles. This follows after Rocksteady had previously announced their upcoming game called “Gotham Knights”, which will centre around a group of vigilantes that fight crime under the same banner of Batman. Notable characters that take the role of Batman are slated to appear in this game, including Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne.

That announcement was enough to garner notable excitement for fans of this universe. However, Rocksteady also confirmed via their Twitter that a “Suicide Squad” game is being developed. Announced on August 7th to hundreds of thousands of followers, the Movie-themed poster shows Superman demonically looking towards the Suicide Squad. The Twitter confirmation also remarked that additional information would be given by August 22nd.

Rocksteady’s announcement confirms rumours that suggested a Suicide Squad Game was slated to release for 2021-22. When that data was leaked in Mid-June, Rocksteady denied any premise of this title being developed. Their blatant attempt to keep critical details private from the media was made pointless, as the revelation of online domains from Rocksteady revealed plot-points for the upcoming title.

It’s known that the Suicide Squad will kill the Justice League in this game, possibly hinting towards the destruction of a new Batman-like Damian Wayne or Dick Grayson. Defeating an Evil Superman & Evil Justice League would prove the most challenging hurdle that the Suicide Squad will have ever faced in DC Comics lore.

The last title released by Rocksteady Studios was “Batman: Arkham Knight”, which portrayed the finale to Bruce Wayne’s Saga. It was known in 2015 that another sequel centring around Bruce’s Batman was unlikely. However, the franchise is critically acclaimed & to move away from any other titles that don’t focus on the DC Universe would be foolish for Rocksteady. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the release dates for either of these games.

Connections to Batman Saga

It’s expected that Gotham Knights will maintain the majority of connections to “Batman: Arkham Knight”, with Suicide Squad likely telling its tale that separates them from the iconic saga. There’ll still be mention of Batman from his former foes, with all members of Bruce Wayne has defeated the Suicide Squad. It’ll be interesting to see how Rocksteady integrates these connections.

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