Saints Row Returning in 2020

The Saints Row series was one of the most popular on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s been an inactive franchise from Activision since the expansion pack, Agents of Mayhem, was last released in 2017 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Rumours surrounding the Deep Silver-Created franchise indicated that a new entry could be coming for the next generation of consoles. Today, Deep Silver confirmed that Saints Row Five is in development and will be released in 2020. The original developers of the game, Volition, are working with Deep Silver to create a reboot entry that’s similar to the original Saints Row.

Insiders connected to Activision and Deep Silver have confirmed details regarding the game, noting that the development schedule was prolonged by 12 months to account for their new online service. This isn’t surprising considering that Grand Theft Auto Five has earned more than $8 Billion in revenue. Activision will want a percentage from these open-world multiplayer games. It’s anticipated that the online mode will support various game modes like Circuit Racing and Team Deathmatch. There will also be multiple items available for purchase through the online store, including apartments and vehicles. Activision and Deep Silver are trying to create a direct rival to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Deep Silver’s public announcement came as a surprise for many. The corporation noted that this series holds a soft spot for gamers and that Volition is working with Deep Silver to create the best entry in the Saints Row series to date. The game studio also confirmed that the map size will be twice the length of Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas.

The Old and New

The last time that Deep Silver and Activision released a full-fledged entry into the franchise was in 2013. Afterwards, two expansion packs were released for Saints Row Four. Those include Gat out of Hell and Agents of Mayhem, which were appraised by video game reviewers for its unique and fresh take on the open-world concept. The Saints Row series is also coming to Hollywood, with the director from Fate of the Furious helming the project. It’s suspected that the film will follow many of the same cues that the Fast and Furious franchises have followed for more than a decade. This means lots of action, car chases and ridiculous world-saving stories.
Fans of this franchise can expect Saints Row Five to be released by the 2020 Holiday Season, roughly twelve months from now.

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