Sega Dreamcast Turns 20

The 9th of September was the 20th anniversary of the release of the Sega Dreamcast console, and it remains one of the best consoles ever released, an all-time favourite of gaming fanatics. It was the last console which Sega produced, but the memories which are cherished by many are still very much alive and well.

The Release of the Dreamcast

When Sega released this great console, it was a groundbreaking development in the industry. This console was setting a new benchmark in the gaming world, which brought players the online gaming technology which was unknown before the release. The fact that Quake 3 could be ported to this console was one of the exciting features it delivered on. Sega produced many new franchises including Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5, Mr Driller and Samba De Amigo. They also included some sports titles into their compilation, and it included NFL 2K, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Virtua Tennis. Many players even preferred playing various titles, including the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series on this console.

Delivering Brilliant Fighting Experiences

The Sega Dreamcast was also excellent when giving on fighting game excitement. Some of the best titles which players enjoyed on the console included Marvel vs Capcom2 as well as Power Stone 1 and 2. One such game which debuted on the Dreamcast was Soul Calibur. Still a much loved favourite years later on. The developers of the Dreamcast at Sega were no strangers to experiments and trying out new developments to push the boundaries of gameplay. New ideas were tried continuously, and these included titles like Quake 3, Typing of the Dead and Unreal Tournament. They also experimented with keyboard and mouse input support and online support. In many ways, their ability to think out of the box placed them far in advance of many in the industry.

Dreamcast A Victim To Piracy

Unfortunately, at the time of the release, the Dreamcast fell victim to countless incidences of piracy. Many of their titles were ripped to be released on ISO’s. These were also uploaded onto warez sites as well as being sold on many IRC channels. The most fabulous unfortunate turn regarding the console is that a successor to this brilliant design never saw the light of day. The initial release delivered so many great features and titles of which the influence of the model is still visible in the design of some modern consoles, that a successor to the Dreamcast would have been the obvious next step. Sega decided to remain instead a third-party developer for other console and PC devices, a market segment where they are still today in the top ranks of their field.

The Sega Dreamcast is, without a doubt a piece of memorabilia which have only increased in value over time. Indeed a contribution to the industry which might be gone from the gaming scene, but will never be forgotten for its lasting influence on the industry.

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