Seinfeld Video Game Pitched to NBC

The concepts seen behind certain video games can be unique, artistic, hilarious, or downright odd. Two developers from the United States of America have pitched the Sony Company a new video game, which would be centred around the classic tales of Seinfeld. Combining the themes of hilarious and odd, consumers would receive an 8Bit Title that would cost the maximum of $15.00. It’d be crafted as a “Point & Click Puzzle Solver”, which would focus around collecting items throughout notable locations in the Seinfeld Sitcom. Players would be taken to areas like the medical exam room from “The Junior Mint” or the opera house from “The Pez”. Hilarious jokes would come from the group’s continuous conflict and miscommunication.

Original stories would be developed by writers with NBC, with these two Americans hoping that Jerry Seinfeld would provide his comedic insight into these stories. Perspectives would be displayed through Elaine, George, and Jerry. Kramer isn’t available as a playable character, with Cosmo instead being a “Wild Card NPC”. Each story would centre around thirty-minute campaigns, similar to the Seinfeld television show. Platforming areas would change their puzzles and layout with the same backdrop. This is because the Seinfeld sitcom often took place in one or two locations per episode.

These two developers provided the National Broadcasting Company in America a synopsis for their “Seinfeld 8Bit Video Game”. It’d take place throughout the 4th Season of the sitcom, immediately for “The Pitch” episode. This is where Jerry and George themselves pitched NBC the Seinfeld Show. After being denied an opportunity with NBC, Atari contacts George Constanza and requests that he write a draft with Jerry’s permission. Twelve months pass, and the actual 8Bit game begins. It should be noted that these developers require approval from both the Sony Company and NBC to create this video game.

Potential Platforms

More than 2.5 million has retweeted and viewed the YouTube Trailer for this pitched Seinfeld video game. It’s shown a desire for a platformer based on this sitcom. It’s prompted industry analysts to believe that NBC and Sony will provide permission to create an 8Bit Title. It’ll first be distributed to the PlayStation 4, with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch following. The PC Computer would eventually acquire the Seinfeld 8Bit Video Game as well.

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