Sony Stops Selling the PS4 Pro

Evidence has indicated for weeks that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. had eliminated retailers from selling the PlayStation4 Pro. Issued statements were made by PlayStation regarding this matter direct via the website, where clarifying sentiments noted restoking of the PS4 Pro wouldn’t be sustained after releasing the PlayStation5. Confirmations were made on December 18th through verified sources like “The Gamer” or “GamesRadar”. The press release made by Sony noted the PS4 Pro isn’t stocked & won’t ever be again.

Learning this information has disturbed numerous supporters of PlayStation, who haven’t been capable of locating PS5s with any retailers. Individuals wanting to purchase consoles manufactured by Sony are being forced to select the baseline PS4 Slim, which has been available since September 7th, 2016.

Sony Computer Entertainment abandoning the PS4 Pro wasn’t anticipated by industry insiders or analysts. Financial revenue streams for Sony Computer Entertainment have been limited amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, meaning structured strategies for gamers to adopt the PlayStation5 have been altered. Long-term adoption isn’t desired by Sony any longer, with immediate adoption preferred. Eliminating the PS4 Pro forces consumers that want higher-grade consoles to wait until the PlayStation5 is restocked. Sony hasn’t confirmed when PS5 Restoking is beginning.

It’s a notable shift between how Sony Computer Entertainment previously operated. When the original PS4 released in November 2013, gamers were informed that titles between both games would be cross-gen supported & that the PlayStation3 would sustain another two-year lifespan. Sony Computer Entertainment wants to eliminate that timeframe down to one-year moving forward. Most gamers worldwide won’t have $500 to $600 available for purchasing the PS5 by December 2021, with large percentages of the global population still recovering from fallout associated with Covid-19s pandemic.

Lack of Availability

Newcomers considering the PlayStation consoles won’t find themselves impressed by Sony’s offerings. The PS4 Pro was the precursor to PlayStation5, and numerous consumers would’ve received evident gameplay boosts by selecting those models. The differences between both versions are minimal, with the PlayStation5 having better lighting effects & texture support at 4K 60-FPS. Individuals considering purchasing the PS5 won’t find availability until likely February 2021.

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