Sony’s New PlayStation Revealed

It was with a feeling of pride and relieved that CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan announced the new name of as well as when fans can expect their new next-generation console to be released. Sony is planning on having their original PlayStation 5 on the shelves in time for the Christmas season of 2020. The name indeed comes as no surprise since Sony stuck to numbers for their consoles rather than impressive names already since the initial release in 1994.

Earlier this year Microsoft made use of the gap left when Sony was absent at the E3, to announce their next-generation console. The successor of Xbox One will be called Project Scarlett. Thus their fans already know what to expect. Now Sony’s supporters also have a much better idea of what is coming. The most exciting two features added to the latest release is the fact that rumble vibration will be replaced with a much more realistic haptic feedback.

This will allow players to get a more realistic gaming experience when the sensations delivered vary between different forms of impact, for example, it will give a different kind of vibration when playing a sports game and getting a hard tackle to the ground compared to the sensation of being in a car crash. Another great and exciting feature is the adaptive triggers that have been added to the L2/R2 buttons. This will provide players with the tactile sensation of specific movements like accelerating in a vehicle on different kinds of terrain or drawing an arrow from a bow.

Hardware Improvement

Sony didn’t neglect its hardware and made some changes here too. A much larger battery has been included, and they have moved to USB-C input for charging the device. Audio quality has been improved with a better speaker system. Ray-tracing acceleration has been added to the GPU hardware. This will assist with even better sound quality when in 3D environments. It will also aid in dealing with sophisticated lighting. Loading speed, as well as efficiency, has been drastically improved with the addition of a solid-state drive. The drive will speed up the reading of information, saving time.

This will also solve space concerns, and games will be taking up less space because, with the drive, a lot less duping is needed. Therefore more detailed worlds can be built in games and remain fast. Something that the fans didn’t expect though is the fact that it still makes use of 100GB Blu-ray discs, which one would expect to have changed considering a large number of video game streaming services available.

Wired had an exclusive peek at the brand new console and commented that there aren’t that many differences between the upcoming PS5 and its predecessor the PS4. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for slightly more than a year still to make up their minds, but at least now they know when to expect it.

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