Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an immersive, open-world, MMORPG that is based on the Star Wars universe. It was released in 2012, which makes it even more surprising that the game still has a massive and active player base that plays daily. One of the major appeals of the MMO, other than the fact that it is Star Wars related, is the open world aspect. Players will have to follow a linear storyline until they get around level 10 and off the starter planet. Although, this isn’t as limiting as one may originally believe due to the number of quests that can be completed alongside the storyline. While the graphics may not compare to what is commonly seen in 2018 – the game still proves to be an enjoyable one with an interesting storyline, loads on content, and an interactive player base which makes hopping on the game even more exciting.

SWTOR is a game that requires a lengthy download process. Though, the download process usually takes a few hours depends on the speed of the internet. During this process, the player will be allowed to add coins into their account via real money – which can be spent in the in-game market. Once the download has been finished, and the payer account has been activated – you can begin playing. You will first have to customise a character, which is a fun process due to the plethora of options given. Afterward, you will be plopped into the universe to begin your quest on becoming a helpful Jedi or a mischievous Sith lord.


While the game is currently active and is still being regularly updated, the graphics are a bit lacklustre compared to what gamers are accustomed to in 2018. While SWTOR does not compare to the Skyrim MMO, it still is an exciting play. Another perk of the game where the countless amount of mission, battle areas, and monsters that could be fought. One of the best tips that anyone who has played the game is to fight as many enemies on the starter planet to help you level up even more, so you can wear the higher-level gear and wield the weapons. Though this can be a bit tedious in the long run will be worth the time.

One of the cooler things, outside of the guilds, friends, and countless amount of planets that can be explored – is the cartel shop. This shop will allow players to buy new styles and looks for their players, as well as weapons, companions, gear, or mystery boxes that might reveal a high-ranking item.


One of the major cons that might turn away players are the graphics. Since the MMO was originally released in 2012, the graphics would be considered amazing for the time. While they have been upgraded, they still pale in comparison to a 2018 MMO. Due to the graphics, at times a computer may lag during gameplay which can cause obvious frustration. Another one of the main cons is that players will have to spend the first ten levels on the starter planet, which can be a bit annoying due to the linear storyline.

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