Super Mario Party Review

It should come as no surprise that every Nintendo console has seen a Mario Party title, even from the first Nintendo 64 console that was debuted in 1998. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before the new Super Mario Party was released on the Nintendo Switch. Although this will be the eleventh edition of the ever-popular game, the new Super Mario Party has tons of brand-new ideas that will ensure players receive a unique gaming experience when compared to its predecessors. However, that doesn’t mean that the new title is indeed a better game.

80 Different Mini-Games

Those that have played Mario Party in the past will know what to expect in the new Super Mario Party. Several Super Mario characters from the franchise will feature in the game’s standard mode, including Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Mario and others. These characters will move around a game board and attempt to collect various coins along with Power Stars. While moving around the game board, players will also have the opportunity to collect items that will give them a significant advantage on the board when landing on unique event spaces. Between each round, players will find 80 different mini-games and this is where all the entertainment actually lies. There’s no denying that moving around the board can become rather tedious.

Board Game Segments

In previous Mario Party titles, the board game segments have been extremely slow, and although things have improved in the new title, it can still be quite slow at times. Players won’t find unique surprises on any board once it’s been played through and players won’t enjoy the cut-scenes either as they are only there to disrupt your game flow. What’s even more depressing is that all cut-scenes are exactly the same on each board. In fact, the cut-scenes simply make the board game slower, and they will get more and more annoying over time as well.

Struggles to Keep Players Engaged

Ensuring that players are entertained over the long term has always been a problem for Mario Party. The mini-games will eventually become repetitive, and although they are extremely entertaining at first, they tend to get old rather quickly. You might think that 80 mini-games is quite a lot, but’s it’s definitely not enough for long-term enjoyment. While most mini-games are fun and function properly, none of them are truly memorable. This makes it extremely difficult for players to remain in standard mode after a couple of hours.

Additional Game Modes

Once players enjoyed the four standard board games, there is also a range of other game modes in the new Super Mario Party title and they are certainly more interesting as well. The Partner Party game mode will see players split up into two teams with free-moving boards, offering a much-needed change to the typical experience you’ll receive from the standard Mario Party. The game also offers a Challenge Road task and a Sound Stage game mode to keep players entertained.

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