Super Nintendo World Opening is Delayed

Dedicated fans of Nintendo’s international properties were disappointed to learn that “Super Nintendo World from Universal Studios” is postponing their opening day following the COVID-19 pandemic. This will create significant losses for Universal Studios, who will have completed construction of Super Nintendo World by June 2020. Waiting will be the main game for ticketholders, who have been informed that their pre-ordered tickets transfer over to the new opening day. Details on when Universal Studios will launch Super Nintendo World isn’t currently known.

Details on the suspected launch date haven’t been provided because this information was leaked from an unnamed source. That unnamed source indicated that Universal Studios would release their official announcement by July 1st, with their goals to start operations like December 2020 at the latest. Located in the Osaka region of Japan, Nintendo desired to start operations before the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Universal Studios knew initial profits would significantly drop after the international sports competition was postponed until Summer 2021. Business analysts suspect that the cancellation of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics has played a significant factor into Universal’s decision & that their initial launch date wouldn’t have been cancelled if the Olympics hadn’t been postponed.

Super Nintendo World won’t be exclusive to the Japanese region, with two other versions of this theme park being created in Hollywood & Orlando. Attractions at each park are going to be different, with identical rides being themed differently to separate each site. There are two attractions that supporters cannot wait to experience, with those being Mario Kart and the Yoshi Roller Coaster.

Major Benefits to Visitors

Nintendo is even implementing unique strategies that involve the Switch. Visitors that bring their Switch to Super Nintendo World can locate unique coins, which transfer to E-Store Dollars. This means that by exploring this upcoming theme park from Universal Studios, free games can be acquired on the Nintendo eShop. It’s not known the value of these coins & if their rewards will be differentiated by the difficulty of location.

Super Nintendo World Personnel will move coins daily to guarantee that winners are genuine. This will be an influential factor in the growth of Super Nintendo World, with tickets costing less than the average game on the Switch. Visitors can experience an incredible them park & get free games.

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