The Best Cricket Games on Xbox One, PS4, Mobile, and PC

Unlike football or basketball, cricket is not a sport that is on the forefront in terms of video games, and the available options for enjoying cricket in the comfort of your own home is minimal. In recent years, loads of gaming studios have attempted to capture the sport in a video game. However, only a handful have managed to create something worth playing. During 2019, EA Sports is trying to return to the realm of cricket with a new and improved video game.

Until this new cricket game is released, we decided to take an in-depth look at the available options that can be enjoyed on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and mobile devices.

Ashes Cricket

Ashes Cricket, developed by Big Ant Studios, is essentially the successor to the top-rated Don Bradman Cricket series that was released in 2017. The game is based on the English and Australian women and men’s cricket teams and comes equipped with photorealistic graphics and animation quality. Players can look forward to their bowling and batting style and offers 360-degree betting for added convenience.

Cricket Captain 2018

The Cricket Captain series is exceptionally similar to the Football Manager series. It is the latest release in a long-standing franchise, enabling players to control the overall flow of the game without having to strike the ball. With loads of improvement when it comes to statistics and coaching, along with an improved game engine, the new game is the best in the series. The game boasts with more than 6,500 players and should appeal to both newcomers and veterans alike.

World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket Championship 2 game, developed by Nextwave Multimedia, is something that every single cricket fan will love once they get their hands on it. It received the Game of the Year award in 2015 by the Nasscom Gaming Forum and came equipped with a wide variety of bowling and batting animations that ensures that nothing in the game is repetitive after hours of playing. It also offers plenty of camera angles and even offers player emotions in both national and international sports.

EA Cricket 07

Even though this game was initially released in 2006, it remains one of the most popular games on the market when it comes to cricket due to its huge following to this day. The official support for this game stopped years ago, but players can still find loads of patches that are released to keep the tournaments, stadiums, players, and kits up to date. The overall gameplay is slick and smooth, and it offers excellent cricketing action.

Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18, developed by Nautilus Mobile, is a mobile cricket game for both Android and iOS devices. The game comes equipped with a plethora of features and offers authentic gameplay mechanics for a truly immersive cricket experience on your mobile device. The game offers different weather conditions, a diverse selection of cricket shots, different player faces, and more.

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