The Best Fighting Games for PS4

The fighting game genre manages to breed all types of hardcore competition and players will be pleased to know that the PS4 comes equipped with a wide variety of beat-‘em-ups, ranging from 3D fighters to classic 2D brawlers to anime-based titles. You will find the perfect fighting game on PS4, perfectly suited for your unique playing style. However, which fighting game is considered the best when it comes to PS4? That is exactly why we created this list, allowing us to showcase the best fighters for 2019.

Tekken 7

Although Tekken 7 lacks in content for single player mode, it remains a phenomenal combat game with fantastic fighting mechanics that cannot be beaten. This is undoubtedly the best Tekken release of all time, providing an ultra-satisfying mixture of brutal rage, deadly mix-ups, and crackling combos. Even though there are other accessible fighting titles on our list, Tekken 7 is definitely unmatched when it comes to the sheer depth and balanced roster.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This game has the ability to offer an enormously entertaining fighting experience for gamers of all skill levels. In terms of accessibility, its marvellously balanced and looks ultra-stunning from the moment you load the game. What’s even more impressive is the source material from Akira Toriyama embedded in the game. It’s definitely the best Dragon Ball game that the world has ever experienced. Include the lengthy career mode in single player along with a sensational multiplayer mode, and you have one of the best fighting games on the PS4 platform.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

It took some time, but Street Fighter has finally managed to become a top-quality 2D fighting video game with the latest Arcade Edition. There’s no denying that Capcom is the most experienced when it comes to satisfying combat games, providing a highly competitive, polished game that is suitable for all player types. The developer also continues to add brand-new fighters to the game on a regular basis, making it more appealing for existing players as well with a never-ending combat game.

Injustice 2

Even though Injustice 2 doesn’t truly measure up to the hardcore fighting games we have listed on our site, it quickly makes up for it by providing the best overall combat game packages on the PS4 platform. It’s fit to burst and incredible well-polished with plenty of innovative things to look forward to. Although DC Comics is not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a brilliant roster of variety and personality in the game.

SoulCalibur VI

This is a franchise that has been lost for quite some time. However, the developers have managed to bring the game back to life with the latest SoulCalibur VI fighting game. This is definitely the best instalment since SoulCalibur II, offering a satisfying and slick weapon-based fighter. Players can look forward to an extensive single-player mode, character creation, and a fantastic multiplayer mode to test their skills in combat against loads of other online players.

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