The Best Games

Being a noob in gaming can be frustrating. Your level of excitement and desire to play is overshadowing your skill, and this can cause an exceptional degree of annoyance if you decided to jump right into the world of simulation through one of the leading titles which aren’t necessarily developed to get you into the race. The following claims serve as a hot zone to take flight from into the world of excitement and entertainment as well as hours and hours of fun.


Windjammers is hard to define. It isn’t volleyball or tennis, or table hockey or even Frisbee, but what it most definitely is, is a load of fun. It is the modern remake of a 1994 arcade game that found a fresh breath of life on PlayStation in 2017 and then on Switch during the following year. It can be best described as a hybrid game but what is known for sure is that it stood the test of time for a reason. It is easy to play, fun, entertaining and will keep you engaged for hours.

Rocket League

Rocket League place hybrid games into a new league of its own. Rocket powered vehicles are the medium used to play a game of soccer and as crazy as it sounds, you have to get a copy since this weird combination is not only fun but also offers a great deal of depth when your skill levels are improving. Applying various strategies will improve your success rate and combined with the initial ease of grasping the core of the game, Rocket League offers a satisfaction level that sky-rockets as you continue. It is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac and Linux hence nothing keeping you from being entertained.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

For any noob wanting to try their hand at a bit of basketball, this is a great place to start. Ultimately you want to be a star in NBA 2K20, and that is great, dream big, we say. Yet NBA 2K20 can become very complicated very quickly and the level of play might be daunting and then discouraging to someone who isn’t, however, a pro in playing. Hence we suggest that you start with NBA 2K Playgrounds to find your foothold on the simulated court. Here you can learn to dribble and increase your skills and techniques. When you have worked through the entire roster and exhausted every possible option and variation available, you will fit right into NBA 2K20, ready to excel in a higher and more sophisticated level.

Mario Tennis Aces

Loads of tennis fun presented in an overload of cuteness through animation. Yet don’t be fooled by the adorable appeal of the characters. This game is simple to play and easy to start, but once you are on par with the needed skills, the depth is there to immerse yourself in some strict court action. The single-player mode is brilliant for flexing your tennis muscle, and then you can show off your skills in online competition.

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