The Best Golf Games for PS4 in 2019

Golf is a magical sport filled with excitement, nail-biting action, and loads of entertainment. However, to perfectly master the art of golf, you will need a lifetime, if not more. Fortunately, you don’t have to practice day and night to become a golfing master. You merely need a PS4 and one of the golf video games mentioned below to show off your skills and abilities.

Golf Club 2

Golf Club 2 is undoubtedly the ultimate golfing experience when it comes to PS4. The game provides a large dynamic single-player mode with course creation, online opponents, and much more, ensuring hours of gameplay at your fingertips. The Golf Club 2’s realism is represented through its stunning visual graphics and physics system when it comes to hitting the ball on a wide variety of lush green courses. The golf game essentially uses your joystick to swing and aim the club which you can perfect thanks to a comprehensive training mode.

Rory Mcllroy: PGA Tour

From its controls and presentation to its licensed golfers and courses, the new Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour video game on PS4 provides a sense of realism that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Players will be treated to real-life courses, including Royal Troon and Bay Hill while playing with real golfers, such as Jonas Blixt and Rory Mcllroy. The game works hard to offer crowd cheers, in-game commentary, and crisp sound effects of providing a genuinely realistic golfing simulation. You can also look forward to adjusting swing difficulty, swing mechanics, and wind gusts to your liking.

Everybody’s Golf

As the name implies, this golf game is designed for everybody. The game focuses less on actual realism and adds more focus on accessible and fun gameplay. The game is very engaging for gamers of all skills sets and utilises simple controls to ensure anyone can enjoy the game for hours on end. You will initially need to create your character followed by learning some basic commands before you hit the golf courses. You’ll experience an approachable and calming golf game that you can either enjoy offline or with friends thanks to a multiplayer mode. The choice is yours!

Infinite Minigolf

As the name suggests, you’ll spend countless hours in front of your television and will never reach the end of the game as long as the developer continues to create and develop golf courses. The game is continuously updated with free DLC packages, offering several amounts of creativity in both function and form. The game comes equipped with a vast selection of challenges that further enriches the quality of the game. This includes hitting long putts, collecting gems, making several hole in ones and unlocking brand-new items to customise your character further. You’ll also be impressed by the various themes found on each golf course, including Halloween, kid’s room, Santa’s North Pole, and more. One thing is for sure; you’ll never get bored of the game.

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