The Best Indie Games for 2018

You can mark 2018 as another fantastic year for indie games, providing a diverse range of games for a vast selection of tastes. It’s for this reason that the category for the best indie games is always the most contentious as there are plenty of phenomenal titles released every year. While a category for the best AAA games usually comes down to a heated argument over two or three games, the category for the best indie games tends to involve more than 10 different titles. Let’s take a look at the best indie game titles for 2018.


This indie game, which was a late entry during 2018, undoubtedly earns a place as one of the ultimate indie games of the year. It’s the first release from A-44 Games and is considered a thematically pleasing step forward, embracing positive themes of growth and community in the modern era of games that resemble Dark Souls. It provides a stunning mix of exploration and action, making it a phenomenal title in the Indie game genre for 2018.


It took five years for Below to be released, but it’s finally here. Although players are conflicted when it comes to the true roots of the game, no one can argue that it provides something magical as you venture deeper and deeper into the storyline. With each level you enter, it becomes more darker and deadlier, serving the need for players to continue their discovery and exploration of the game.


Celeste is a beautiful and extraordinary 2D platformer surrounding a woman that attempts to find herself while climbing a mountain. Players will greatly appreciate the remarkable level design and responsive controls as well as Celeste’s story in her struggle to accept her failing and herself while never giving up on her quest to climb the mountain.

Dead Cells

In several ways, Dead Cells offer the same mechanisms that allowed Rogue Legacy to catapult into the 2013 award discussions. It comes equipped with a unique blend of rogue-like levels with a splendid mix of progression. Every run is entertaining and unique in its own special way. However, the combat in Dead Cells escalates beyond this comparison as it capitalises on a highly mechanical and amped up 3D action system along with a challenging and diverse type of enemy.


Florence is a game that cannot be matched by any other indie game this year. It’s based on a woman that lives her life as she grows as a person and goes through vital relationships. The overall gameplay is on the light side and the playthrough will take a couple of hours. However, in those hours, the game delivers an emotional impact that other games struggle to provide.


The game unfolds in several layers. The visual presentation of the 2D platformer is filled with vibrant colours and unique level designs where the character becomes part of the on-screen art. The game’s peak is captivating thanks to the themes and storylines embedded in the game.

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