The Best Tennis Video Games Ever Developed

There are tons of exciting tennis tournaments around the world to look forward to each year, ranging from the U.S Open to the Australian Open and many more. However, not everyone can visit a tennis tournament when they feel like it. It’s for this very reason that tennis video games were developed in the first place and we’ve come a long way since the first tennis video game was developed. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best tennis video games ever created!

Tennis for Two – 1958

Tennis for Two was initially developed by William Higinbotham, an American physicist who designed a machine to calculate ballistic missile trajectories. He used the oscilloscope to provide a display of a ball along with a side-on court for tennis. There were also two controllers which allowed players to perfectly time hits while adjusting their return angles. This was considered the very first tennis game in existence.

Pong – 1972

Pong was initially released as an arcade tennis game that was far less realistic than Tennis for Two. It featured a court and a square tennis ball that had to bounce off edges on either side of the screen. Although it wasn’t the most graphical tennis game, it did create the age of home gaming that soon made its way into arcade centres and home televisions. The ball also increased in speed the longer you played which made it even more challenging.

Match Point – 1984

During the 1980s, programmers decided to make video games more realistic and entertaining, and tennis games were at the forefront of this new development. Match Point was considered the best tennis game at the time, offering a fantastic representation of a tennis court along with fast gameplay functionality. Even though it only came with a single control, it did allow you to change your shots when the ball landed in a different position. You could also add additional power by moving forward while striking the ball.

Super Tennis – 1991

Super Tennis was launched on the Nintendo NES during the early 1990s and come equipped with loads of shot types, plenty of speed, arcade-orientated rallies, and marvellous return shots from opponents to keep it competitive. It also featured unbeatable difficulty levels that are still remembered to this day. The graphics were far more advanced, and the overall gameplay functionality was exceptional for the time it was released.

Virtua Tennis – 2000

Virtua Tennis managed to revolutionise tennis video games by providing a more realistic experience. Sega developed the game to offer a more arcade playing experience, and it worked beautifully. Players could look forward to truckloads of mini-games to improve your skills, intuitive controls, and lightning fast games.

Wii Sports – 2006

Once the WII burst onto the scene, everything changed in the video gaming industry, especially when it came to tennis. Players stood in front of their TV’s with remotes in hand to control movement and returns on the courts. It was a breakthrough in video games and will always be remembered.

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