The Ghosts of Tsushima – PS4 Exclusive

Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled their final exclusive for the PlayStation4, marking the end of gaming era that won’t be forgotten for decades to come. Sony’s last game on the PS4 is named “Ghosts of Tsushima” & centres around fictional characters based in a historical environment. Supporting gameplay aesthetics similar to Assassins Creed, PlayStation games are sent to Japan during 1274. This was when the Mongol Empire began their invasion over the Island Nation, first attack Tsushima Island before arriving in Japan.

The Characters & Storyline

Samurai Jin Sakai is the protagonist in Ghosts of Tsushima. Gamers are awoken as Jin moments before an eventful & destructive battle takes place on the beaches of Tsushima. Their advancement throughout the Island forced Jin to rethink the standard notions of Samurai lifestyles, bringing a deadlier & less individual approach against the Mongols. This creates “Jin Sakai – The Ghost”, with his transformation into an exonerated samurai growing throughout this titles prolonged campaign.

The storyline regards the inner conflict Jin Sakai experiences, with his father formally teaching Jin to defend his homeland under any circumstances. When switching over to the Samurai learnings, a more peaceful concept was adopted by Jin Sakai. Confliction between these two mentalities grows throughout the campaign & unfolds into an ending that most won’t anticipate. Unlike the Last of Us Two from Naughty Dog, Ghosts of Tsushima from Sucker Punch won’t dishonour fans with a horrendous & heart wrenching ending.

The Antagonist working to takedown Jin Sakai is Khotan Khan, who stands memorable amongst game villains from recent memory. His calm demeanour his destructive sentiments against the Samurai’s homeland, showing strategic natures that prompt Khotan always a step forward over Jin. Over fifty hours of gameplay in the conventional storyline, Jin Sakai unexpectedly obtains vengeance. How that vengeance unfolds, we’ll keep private to avoid spoilers.

It’s recommended that those engaging with Ghosts of Tsushima on the PlayStation4 select the Japanese Voice-Overs. Their considerably better than the English Voice-Overs & add another level of depths into Sucker Punches the latest title, which is guaranteed to receive sequels on the upcoming PlayStation5.

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