The Sony Company Creates COVID-19 Response Fund

One of the most significant worldwide manufacturers of technological goods announced their setting up a COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This manufacturer is the Sony Company, who’ll be working with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Foundation. Funds will be donated towards a multitude of different charitable associations that work towards benefiting medical professionals. Numerous celebrities and corporations have donated to various healthcare charities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was confirmed that 10% of profits earned through the PlayStation Corporation would be divided amongst these charitable organizations until April 31st. Considering that gaming platforms have received an influx of profits over the last three weeks, that 10% Profit Margin could provide millions in donated funds. Representatives with Sony confirmed that funds wouldn’t exclusively benefit medical professionals, with donations also being provided to In-Need Children and Teachers. Educational contributions will extend towards various products that can assist teachers virtually.

The Statements

Representatives provided an official statement with the Sony Company. They expressed their condolences towards families that have had loved ones pass away from COVID-19. Their sympathies extended towards all global citizens that have been impacted by this pandemic. Representatives mentioned that Sony is dedicated to overcoming this unprecedented situation and will continue to assist those on the frontlines, those that risk their lives to battle COVID-19. These remarks extended towards helping the children of our future, with the Sony President also expressing that he supports the Charitable Aid. Kenichiro Yoshida mentioned that protecting communities across the world has become a defining aspect of every company moving forward. Those that didn’t help will be remembered for their ignorance.

Creative Communities

An unknown percentage of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund will be dedicated to creative communities behind the Sony Company. This will primarily apply towards their development houses like Naughty Dog. Organizers of the SRF are determining ways to support artists and creators that work with the PlayStation. However, this also extends towards photographers and artists working with the Sony Photography Studio. These individuals will be provided with home-based projects to continue receiving finances.

The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund is slated to release their donations by April 3rd. Employees with the Sony Company also have access to a Relief Fund, which is available to all 110+ thousand individuals employed worldwide. This will provide a significant percentage of their wages until the pandemic is over.

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