Thousands of Nintendo Accounts Confirmed as Stolen

The Nintendo Company announced that 160+ thousand accounts had been hacked by April 25th. This follows after an extensive warning was issued by Nintendo, informing customers to link their accounts via email to avoid unwanted attacks. An overwhelming percentage avoided these warranted remarks from Nintendo PR Representatives. New announcements were made by the same representatives, informing those infected that password information was obtained illegally, and their accounts won’t be re-acquirable moving forward. It should be noted that impersonating passwords through the Nintendo Switch is a simplified task.

The overwhelming majority of accounts seized were throughout the European Union, with North American consumers mainly avoiding the issue. This follows after the Nintendo Company – US Division requires consumers to link their accounts for multiplayer experiences. The European division of Nintendo doesn’t require the linkage, making it easier for databases to be breaches. Following the novel coronavirus pandemic across the European Union, internet protocols and usage have been limited for scientific research purposes. It’s prompted multiple security systems to falter in their connectivity and reliability, including Nintendo’s respective databases.

The European Division of Nintendo immediately terminated the previous security measures with account creation. Customers are now required to link their accounts with a Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook account. Refusal won’t allow for reports to be created. Nintendo PR Representatives also clarified that consumers who can prove their accounts being stolen would receive refunds for their purchased games. However, digital or physical receipts are required to obtain the returns under new accounts. Most consumers won’t have kept their digital or physical receipts, allowing Nintendo to have a loophole and avoid repaying customers for their security flaws.

The Backlash

When consumers and reporters questioned Nintendo for this loophole scenario, responses weren’t kind. PR Representatives merely indicated additional data that would’ve been stolen, include the user’s date of birth and nation of origin. Nintendo believes that payment settings wouldn’t have been infected, with technology analysts confirming this is a falsified promise and infected users should change their bank cards immediately. Amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’ll be hard to alter banking information but will save potentially thousands being stolen.

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