Tips and Strategies to Win at Laser League

Laser League is essentially a futuristic sports video game that was designed by Roll7 who also created OlliOlli. The game places two teams against each other in a glorious arena, where the winner is decided by the team that manages to outlast their opponent. Players can achieve this is several ways, such as setting up several lasers to ambush an opponent, slashing an opponent, or claiming individual items for remarkable abilities.

The video game is fantastic to play, but it’s packed with little strategies and intricacies that can separate the losers from the winners. It’s for this reason that we decided to compile a list of tips and strategies that you can use to become a better player.

Activate Laser Nodes by Walking Over Them

The primary form of attack in Laser League is the activation of laser nodes. They appear across the map at random and can be activated by simply walking over them. The team that enables them first will have a temporary laser in the team’s colour. This will harm your opponent but won’t do anything to your organization. Search for inactive nodes on the map to take advantage of the game.

Select the Perfect Class

You will find plenty of classes in this futuristic sports game, including the thief class, ghost class, snipe class, snipe class, smash glass, blade class and shock class. Every level also comes with two modifiers that are available from the menu to change their effects. This will fundamentally change things like the stamina bar, area of influence, and other factors. Make sure to experiment with each of them to find the perfect combination for you.

Learn Wall Warping

Wall warp is considered a fundamental aspect of this video game. This ability will allow you to walk off one end of the screen and instantly appear on the other end. It’s vital that you grasp this concept quite quickly as there will be times when you need to avoid your opponent’s lasers, and this is the best way to accomplish it. Make sure to get some practice first against a computer before attempting it against other players.

Revive Teammates

One of the first things you need to learn is how to revive teammates. It’s vital for every game you play and can instantly turn the match in your favour. When a teammate dies, a circular pad will be dropped to the ground. Make sure to walk over the pad, similar to the laser nodes, to successfully being your teammate back to life. You will lose some energy, but it will be worth it when you win the match.

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