Transference Review

In the new Transference game, players will get the opportunity to explore an apartment which was owned by a broken family while looking through the lens of someone’s memories in a digitalised format. Progression is rather linear throughout the game, with traditional puzzles in survival-horror style serves as the roadblocks in the game. Quite often, players will be prevented from exploring certain areas in a game that aren’t relevant to what is required in the moment, which can feel rather limited in other games. However, it makes complete sense in this virtual reality game that provides shorter playing sessions.

The Transference Puzzles

The puzzles in the new Transference game isn’t memorable or even ground-breaking as they largely consist of locating environmental clues. These clues can then be used to figure out a certain password or to input a code. Other puzzles in the game will require players to simply interact with a specific object to unlock the next phase of the game, where players will then be thrown into a strange time loop or will be transported to an alternate dimension of the apartment.

This ensures that players are kept on their toes which makes the game extremely creepy as players bounce between a realistic world and a Silent Hill world displayed in red lights. The new Transference game was undoubtably inspired by Silent Hill where players are bombarded with overbearing audio, jump scares, and unsettling visuals while exploring the apartment, making this a genuinely horrifying game that will keep players intrigued.

The game provides a terrifying atmosphere of horror, especially when you decide to play Transference along at night while wearing headphones. As we’ve previously witnessed, horror and virtual reality go hand in hand where players are unable to look away from the television when something scary comes along.

PlayStation VR Headset

Sometimes the horror in the game gives way to tediousness. Whenever you get stuck in the game, you might find that you get frustrated or bored from walking around the apartment and examining the same objects and clues, especially since the game’s view is controlled by your head. The VR Headset from PlayStation does an excellent job at immersing players into the gaming world, but there’s also the possibility of motion sickness, and some might even get a pain in their neck once the game comes to an end.

Although the VR headset can cause several issues, there’s no denying that it provides the best way to play the new Transference game. It was clearly designed with virtual reality in mind and even though you can enjoy the game without the VR experience, you’ll, unfortunately, won’t get the same immersive experience without it. Immersion in Transference is crucial, and once you are fully immersed, you’ll find that the game is truly disturbing, providing a horrific gaming experience. However, when the immersion breaks, the game becomes far less intriguing.

Transference might not be the best game when it comes to the world of virtual reality, but it’s definitely the scariest. If you are looking for a mind-blowing horror game, this is certainly worth your time and money.

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