Ubisoft Release Dates Leaked

Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad is making his debut appearance in the video game genre. This information came after Far Cry Six was leaked through the Hong Kong PlayStation Store. It’s cover art showcased the villain that’ll be played by Giancarlo Esposito, with the 6th addition of this franchise focusing on the core first-person shooting elements that made it famous.

The Storyline

Since being listed through the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, that listing has been removed. Information regarding the storyline for the 6th edition of this franchise was revealed. It’s known that players will be taken to a new location in the Far Cry mythology, with this landscape named Yara. It’s a tropical paradise desperately requiring restoration to reacquire its former pride.

That pride has been diminished by Anton Castillo, a ruthless dictator that employs the mercenary skillsets of his son. Together they’ve done everything possible to impoverish their island for personal gain, responding in their people beginning a revolution. It’s here that players enter the environment of Yara & assist its civilians in the destruction of Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito).

Upgraded Visuals

Ubisoft has implemented an enhanced graphics engine with the development of Far Cry Six. New engines haven’t been employed with this franchise since CryEngineFive, showing how Ubisoft is pre-emptively planning for the next generation of consoles. Details in this leaked listing show that Ubisoft will implement the “Cross-Generation Game System”, which means those purchasing this title for the PlayStation4 will receive a secondary copy for the PlayStation5. This will also apply towards the Xbox One through conversion with the Xbox Series X. It should be mentioned that Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed any of these respective details, with CryEngineSix having not been officially announced yet.

The Hong Kong PlayStation Store remarked that Far Cry Six would be released for February 18th, 2021. Players dedicated to this franchise have to wait several months before acquiring this title. Those requiring more information on the 6th instalment in the Far Cry franchise can locate YouTube videos from “Ubisoft Forward”, which aired on July 12th. Details on other Ubisoft titles will also be released at this digital streaming event, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla & Watch Dogs Legion.

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