Ubisoft Releasing New Battle Royale Shooter

The video game industry has changed drastically since Fortnite was introduced in 2017. Downloadable content has become less popular, with developers & publishers focusing on microtransactions within Free-to-Play games. Fortnite spawned multiple games with similar architectures for obtaining sustainable finances. This includes Modern Warfare, Battlefield Five, Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fallout 76.

Electronic Arts & Activision have both designed games under the Battle Royale category, with Ubisoft having missed out on profits associated with this platform for three years. That’s slated to change throughout 2020 with the introduction of HyperSpace, a new Battle Royale Shooter from Ubisoft Montreal. It’ll first arrive for PC Gamers & then launch for the Xbox One/PS4. Depending on the popularity established with this title, HyperSpace could be introduced to the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X.

The Ubisoft Company confirmed HyperSpace through their social media accounts, indicating that a potential leak was around the corner. That’s because the Ubisoft 2020 Forward Showcase is arriving on July 12th. Making this announcement pre-emptively wouldn’t have been maintained if Ubisoft wasn’t concerned about leaked information.

The Setting

HyperSpace supports Science-Fiction Setting hundreds of years into the future. Humanity spends the majority of their time in a Virtual Universe, meaning Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming title shares multiple similarities with the Novel & Film known as “Ready Player One”. Gamers can experience an identical version to the Oasis with Ubisoft’s HyperSpace.

The primary game mode supported in HyperSpace is “Battle Royale Arena”, which puts 100 users into a single large-scale map. An urban landscape with cyberpunk tones throughout Paris is the setting for their battle royale map. This is considerably more unique than what’s commonly seen with Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Modern Warfare.

Gamers wanting to obtain access to HyperSpace won’t have to wait a prolonged period. This game is slated to release before the holiday season, with downloads being free. Ubisoft will earn funds for HyperSpace through Cosmetic Microtransactions, Battle Passes, and Bi-Monthly Seasons. These seasons will provide an in-depth storyline into the world of Hyperspace. Ubisoft hasn’t issued an official release date. However, an official trailer is available on YouTube.

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