Warzone Updated to Support Duos

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has dominated the gaming charts since November 2019. Its influential multiplayer mode has seen more than 50+ million worldwide engage in the modernized version of this franchise. It was unexpectedly revealed in 2020 that Modern Warfare would release an exclusive Battle Royale Mode, which is available now & named Warzone. Multiple enhancements towards this game mode have been initiated, including the recent introduction of Duos. That means five playlist options are enabled in Warzone, Including Solo and Quad. Plunder is the 5th mode that’s supported under the playlist.

Fans have requested the instalment of duos since Warzone first launched. It allows dedicated supporters behind this Battle Royale Mode to play with their best friends, using unique strategies to decimate the competition. Microphone Party Chat is supported & recommended by Infinity Ward when engaging with Duos. It should be mentioned that this mode is better suited for dedicated Warzone fans, with it being incredibly harder to win a match. One person acts as your back-up & that individual can easily fall. We recommend our readers implement tactical strategies when engaging with Warzone Duos, meaning watch your cover & listen for every sound.

Fans were shocked by the inclusion of Duos. Since Warzone was released earlier this year, Infinity Ward has denied claims that they were implementing this playlist. The developers didn’t want to split their player base amongst four game modes, with each match of Warzone including 150+ gamers. When the core base of players exceeded past 50+ million users, Infinity Ward determined that Duos could be supported. It should be noted that Warzone is the most famous battle royale mode next to Apex Legends & Fortnite.

New Call of Duty Announced for 2020

The Warzone Battle Royale could experience severe competition by November 2020. Activision is allowing Treyarch to release a new entry into the Call of Duty Franchise this year, with that title slated to be “Black Ops Five”. It’ll take gamers back into the Cold War setting and return to the general nature of this sub-series. It’s suspected that a Battle Royale Mode will be implemented in BO5, just like it was into the 4th edition of Black Ops.

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